Zapable Review

In the present computerized age, mobile apps are significant for business. Not just do mobile app correspondences make the business-client network more liquid, yet they additionally help make more change rates. Whether your business is food distribution, e-commerce, or anything in the alphabet, a mobile app can take it to the next level.

Now, even if you don’t have the coding skills you need, you can build a mobile app for your business. In this Zapable Review, Mobile app building software is here you can now easily design professional-quality mobile apps in a few minutes. By doing so, you can make your business more interactive and also create additional capital to fund your business.

Zapable Review: What Is It?

Zapable is a state-of-the-art cloud-based app building service. You can build amazing apps from your computer, iPad, iPhone, and Android device. It builds both iOS and Android apps. Built by Chris & Andrew Fox, Zapable review has been running from strength to strength since its launch in March this year with more than 5,000 active customers. More than 16,000 apps have been built on the platform in the last 6 months, the platform is growing at an extraordinary rate.

What if I told you there was a way to infiltrate the $ 4.4 billion gold mine that was sitting under your nose this time? What is that APPS!

What are the future of apps and guess what If I told you? I could show you a way to get an app for a local business in less than 60 seconds and $ 500 – $ 3000 in cash at the same time … and earn a monthly retainer fee?

The mobile app market is growing by increasing Leaps & bounds every year. It is expected to reach $25 billion in 2015 and $80 billion by 2017. Mobile apps are the future! But most of us are afraid of it because of the high cost of development and maintenance

Let me know, you are all wrong !!! Developing an amazing app is as cheap as buying a burger. Yes, I’m serious! You can immediately create your mobile app and upload it to the Play Store by tonight. Zapable review is a cloud-based app-building service that will help you build an amazing app in 1 click. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity or you will have to pay a developer $1,000 to build it after your mobile app.

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Zapable Review: Features

Zapable features are packed with features to help you build the mobile app that your customers love. Therefore, with this feature-rich software, no matter what the location of your business, you are covered.

Some of the features that are included with the Zapable Package are listed below:

Integration of e-commerce

Do you have products to sell, or are you an affiliate seller for other brands? You can then combine your store within the mobile app that you create using Zapable. You can import your Shopify store, create your own Amazon or iTunes store for audiobooks or podcasts.

You can add Amazon products for which you are affiliate marketing. Then, whenever someone buys that product you will earn a commission. Plus, if you have your own product to sell, you can also create a custom catalog.

Digital Loyalty Cards and Coupon Codes

This feature is ideal for use by fitness shops, restaurants and cafes, salons, theaters, and more. Using Zapable, you can offer your audience ready-made, customizable digital loyalty cards, and coupons. First, you can only create coupons within the mobile app and set discounts. Then, it is up to you to determine the specifics of these coupons.

For example, when the discount coupon will be valid, how many and which item will be applicable, etc.

Social Media Integrations

The value of social media one can never overstate. If you are planning to go digital with your business, you can’t ignore getting your business on social media. Integrating social media with this mobile app builder software is easier than ever.

Now, your users will be able to explore your social media pages within your app. Be it a Facebook fan page, your Instagram and Twitter feed, or your Flicker photo gallery. With Zapable you can import all this into your mobile app, with just a few clicks.

Drag and Drop Builder

Easily control the layout of your app to use the widget system. In addition, you can choose where various elements such as icons, images, etc. appear in the mobile app.

Zapable’s unique design module allows you to completely customize the look of your mobile app. If you want a particular item to be a specific way, drag and drop it to change the look of your mobile app.

Email Marketing Integration

Want more email subscribers? Then with Zapable, you are in the right place. The construction of this mobile app does not help you to build a simple mobile app. Zapable also comes with revolutionary global email marketing tools. You can combine powerful services such as MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response, and more with the mobile app.

Other Features Features

The Zapable package is really packed with designed to cater to every kind of business. With this software, you can also create a listing page, add a location finder, video, contact details page, and add more.

You can even create push notifications, let your customers hire book directories, and build fast customer support channels. In addition, you can create surveys, polls, and questionnaires for your audience within the app.

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Zapable Review: Pricing

This mobile app building software comes at a fixed price of $ 997 per year. This means it will cost you about $83/month, which is cheaper than other similar mobile app builder software. Plus, with the amazing stuff included in the package, the price is nothing but reasonable.

See below for special features of the Zapable package:

  • Create 25 mobile apps each month
  • 20+ backgrounds and templates
  • Design Complete Design Module
  • 12+ Content Features
  • Social Media Integration
  • CTA and User Engagement Features
  • Free access to updates

In addition, once you purchase the software, you will have immediate access to your account. So, you can start creating mobile apps for your business right away. The package also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can try the software for 30 days without risk. Then after that, if you are not satisfied with its performance, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

Zapable Review: Pros & Cons


  • 5 ‘done for You’ Lead Gen Videos.
  • Cloud-based app – nothing to install or download, access from any device.
  • Complete, online business solution!
  • 100% brand newbie-friendly cloud app!
  • Fast – see results as soon as today
  • Easy – no previous experience or technical skills required.
  • Unlimited Market – Do this part-time, full-time, or any time you want some cash on demand.
  • No more overhead costs – includes all the free tools you need.
  • Secure 1-time fee, 100% money-back guarantee.


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Zapable Review

  • Zapable Review

Zapable Review

Zapable is a cloud-based software that creates great apps in real estate, fitness, small hotels, restaurants, and more. This is an instant mobile app maker agency that will definitely change your way of doing business online.

Zapable Review: Conclusion

So get started and create a mobile app like a pro. Whether it’s for your business or the client, this mobile app builder software allows you to create an app that makes a difference. Mobile apps are known to get more conversions and sales than websites And Zapable brings you to the right place to leverage mobile app marketing. So try this mobile app builder software today to accelerate the growth of your business.