What is Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-balance therapy is a life-saving 10-second procedure that claims to help patients with balance problems due to dead nerves in the foot. Anyone suffering from weight, age, or medical condition can take this therapy.

Nervous disorders are spread among the elderly. This creates weakness and the right response that can be tripping or bending. As a result, it leads to the development of fear of falling. Many people believe that these symptoms are the result of old age. According to research, the main cause of the disorder is the nerve lying on the feet, which contributes to more than 97% of falls.

A study by Harvard Cambridge University found that about 28,000 deaths were attributed to the same foot problem due to the annual fall in both men and women. Currently, a variety of methods are used to treat such neurological disorders. Not all of them are effective, and some are associated with complex surgical procedures and many months of rehabilitation.

It helps to revive the dead nerve in your feet and helps it regain function by taking good muscle contractions to help it move around comfortably. It brings strength and stability to the lower part of the body and makes you feel as strong as 20 years old.

It reduces the fear of walking. So one will walk quickly for fear of tripping or falling down the stairs.

Three Common Mistakes that Increase the Chances of Falling

Neuro-Balance Therapy System

Stability Ball, Balance Exercise, and Bose Ball

Performing such activities is only beneficial for people of unusual size. Of course, for those who have lost mobility and strength in the lower part of the body, such exercises can significantly increase the chances of tripping or falling.

This type of training weakens your balance by weakening the tendons and ligaments in the feet. Regular participation in these exercises leads to a lack of overall stability, which makes it easier to travel. Training also fails to target balanced nerves in the foot, responsible for muscle contraction that helps you get up and walk with confidence.

Type of shoes

There are many nerves in the foot that work together to maintain your balance. Naturally, the nerves feel the ground moving and send information directly to the brain. Of course, wearing one shoe significantly affects the coordination of the nerves and brain, which leads to balance problems.

Nowadays, people wear shoes most of the time, which makes the nerves lose contact with the ground. Loss of contact with the ground weakens the nerves and slows down the response. So when one falls, the nerves hurt your leg muscles to help you regain balance.

Older Men and Women have a High Chance of Falling

For a long time, people believed that old age led to a lack of stability. Research proves that belief is 100% false, and adults who follow the right therapy can quickly regain balance. Aging does not tend to cause another fall. Otherwise, many falls every year can also lead to injuries and deaths.

The single nerve in the foot is responsible for the balance. A study was conducted in Kenya that targeted older men and women who had been walking barefoot all their lives to discover the missing link. In this study, the nerve-to-foot contact of older people as compared to that of the new generation who wore shoes from birth.

The researcher believed that walking barefoot causes the density of the skin of the feet, which decreases with age. However, they found that despite the density of the skin of the feet, the communication between the feet and nerves was three times stronger than that of the modern generation, who wore shoes all their lives.

Neuro-Balance Therapy System
Neuro-Balance Therapy System

Neuro-Balance Therapy: How Does it Works?

Neuro-balance therapy helps people revive the body’s natural abilities to walk, run, and feel stable at every step. It contains:

Computer-designed foot on a spike ball

Press your feet on the spiked ball each morning. Whether you are at home or outside, you can start every day with these 10 seconds of routine. Work in the real world helps you regain your balance and move around without fear of falling. It doesn’t need to buy any physiotherapy sessions, gyms or a new pair of shoes.

The clip guides you through a program that helps rejuvenate the deep peripheral nerves responsible for stability, regardless of age, weight, and medical condition. Rituals take very few minutes of your time each day.

Benefits of Using Neuro-Balance Therapy

Video therapy does not require consultation with a medical doctor, physical therapist, gym instructor, or some other type of orthotics.

It is easy to take steps. Therefore, one can display them in the comfort of one’s own home while watching their favorite program.

Like other remedies, neuro-balance therapy provides a shortcut to 100% natural and evidence of falls. It is completely safe. It does not involve any life-altering surgery that can lead to permanent damage or rehabilitation programs.

The results are evident within a short time. Consumers of these protocols report that observable changes occur within the first 14 days. It provides a practical and inexpensive way to revive dead nerves in the foot.
It removes the fears and anxieties that are responsible for the loss of life and the enjoyment of life It allows one to enjoy different outdoor terrains without fear of falling.

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How To Start with Neuro-Balance Therapy

You can purchase the Neuro-Balance Therapy Guide package from the Official Website. This guide is compiled on a DVD where you will get all the instructions you need to make the best use of neuro-balance therapy to keep you back on your feet and enjoy more balance. Put the DVD on your DVD player or computer. Watch and follow the sequence of movements as seen in the video to revive and stimulate the deep peripheral nerve in your feet. It prevents you from falling and boosts your self-confidence. The DVD package comes with Spike Ball which you will use for therapy. The ball is made with a nerve-awakening technology that stimulates the nerves in your feet.

Where To Buy Neuro-Balance Therapy

Neuro-Balance Therapy is only available on the Official Website. The product comes in a DVD that can be played with a laptop, desktop computer, and DVD player. Each video in the series provides you with a sequence of speeds that help activate the peripheral nerve in the foot.

As a result, it helps to improve stability, speed, and rapid response in the lower part of the body which helps one to avoid falling. It contains both initial, intermediate, and advanced sequences. Anyone can do any of these steps regardless of their condition.

In addition, the product comes with a spike ball. Each ball has a certain number of spikes that stimulate the dead peripheral nerve in the foot to relieve tension. The program developer specifically designed the ball. So you can’t find it in any store. The balls have crystal particles that make them permanent and comfortable.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Prices and Money Back Policies

Initially, the cost of neuro-balance therapy was $97. However, the manufacturer allows you to enjoy a 50% discount.

  • 1 x Neuro-Balance Therapy with 1 DVD and one Spike Ball + Free Bonus – $47.
  • 2 x Neuro-Balance Therapy with 2 x DVDs and two Spike Balls + Free Bonuses – $77.

Each package includes shipping and handling costs and free bonuses. The free bonuses contain a downloadable book on the top 20 tips for fruit-proofing and a downloadable version of the therapy program. This program only includes one-time payments and does not include any hidden fees. After buying it online, you should expect the program and additional attachments within 3-10 business days.

The packages also come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of the program, it allows you to request a refund. You can refund your money by requesting a refund of the Neuro-Balance Therapy, within the first 60 days you purchased the program.

Neuro-Balance Therapy: Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • There is no need for surgery or a therapist
  • Save more money
  • Easy routine activities
  • This can be done anywhere


Neuro-Balance Therapy: The Final Word

Neuro-balance therapy is the way. This program has cleared up many myths about falling and tripping in your old age. You can revive this situation soon and you will get back to balance like the young man who came back that day!

10 minutes of neuro-balancing therapy helps people to revitalize the peripheral nerve in the foot without visiting a doctor or physiotherapist. It provides a quick and simple solution to improving people’s stability and mobility, regardless of age, weight, and medical condition.