How To Get A Guy To Like You

So How To Get A Guy To Like You?? Well, today is your lucky day, in just a few moments you’ll know exactly how to do it

Five Ways to Get a Guy to Like You.

1. Find some of the things he does interesting.

Guys like girls who have some of the same interests as them. For example, if you want a football player to like you, you need to go to some of his games and be sure that he notices that you were there for them. That does not mean for you to get all stalkerish. That’s a big turn off.

2. Be Yourself

Nobody is going to like someone who is constantly trying to be something they are not. Do not lie to him and tell him that you are a good dancer and you know that you hate to dance. This could be an opportunity for him to teach you how to dance.

3. Always have a conversation starter.

Even if a guy is going to come up to you and start a conversation with you, you need to always have something in the back of your mind, just in case the convo takes a turn for the worst. Having something to talk about keeps the encounter pleasant.

4. Make him feel comfortable talking to you.

Who wants to be with someone they do not feel comfortable talking to. Do not ask too many questions, be a good listener. Tell him the things that he wants to know about you and your life. Assure him that you will always be there if he ever wants to talk to you.

5. You can tell him you like him with or without words.

Some guys like to have an aggressive girl, who will tell them from the beginning that they like them, but some girls are just not like that. You don’t have to use words either, show him. Actions speak louder than words.

Now the tips you just read are very important but to be honest they’re just a tip of the iceberg

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How To Get A Guy To Like You


How To Get A Guy To Like You – For Any Reason

How to get a guy to like you is a question every woman and some men ask every day of their life. Well, that depends on the man, what he is like, and what you want. How to get a guy to like you also depends on what type of attention you are going for.

He could be a husband or a boyfriend you are trying to get to notice you or it could be a co-worker you just want to find a better way to get along with. There is a lot of different way on how to get a guy to like you. Let’s look at different options for different men.

The husband who is distracted by football, baseball, and all other sports that grace the channels of his surfing experience each day. Start by being excited by his next game and lay in a supply of snacks and drinks to keep him busy. Then leave him alone. Once the game is over ask him to tell you about it.

Every detail and all the plays. You only have to pretend to like it, but the more you listen and the more you learn, the more attention you are going to start receiving.

If he likes his buddies to share in the glory, ask him to invite them over for a game day and you will supply all the food, snacks, drinks, and even entertain the wives and girlfriends. He will like this and so will the guys. While they are involved in the game entertain your female guest in a different room with wine coolers, snacks, and a game of how crazy are men.

Watch a movie about how funny men can be and talk about how the world would be without them. The point is to get the women laughing, not angry, so remember this when you are looking at how to get a guy to like you when he is your own husband.

If you are looking at how to get a guy to like you when he is always busy with his friends is to get his attention with a mystery. When he is ready to go out with his friends, tell him you will not be home. You have plans with someone, somewhere. He may not react right away, but as his evening wears on he will wonder where you are and what you are doing. When you get home and he asks what you did, just smile and say something really fun.

How To Get A Guy To Like You – Sooner Than Later

Let his mind wander, but make sure he does not get lost. Keep the mystery going for each time he disappears with his friends. Send yourself flowers with an unsigned love note, ask him about some of his friends and what type of women they like, and ask if men like women who wear perfume. Do not tell him why. Just smile and say you are taking a survey. How to get a guy to like you when he is not sure what you are up to is easy with a mystery or two.

Ask your friends they answer the question of how to get a guy to like you. Depending on if they are male or female, you will get different answers. Use a combination of both. Men will never give you the right answer and women will never give you the easy answer. But in reality, you have to make him work for your attention and love. A man loves a challenge and when you ask yourself how to get a guy to like you, remember to never make it too easy for him.

How to get a guy to like you when he is a playboy and a woman’s man is in the chase and catch. You have to play the game of chase him until he catches you! Real him in a little with sexy talk and then back away with interest in something else. How to get a guy to like you with the allure of what could be and what he cannot get at the moment is a great game. You play him like a big fish and let him flap on the shore until he is almost worn out. Then take him and hide again for the next chase.


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