In this post, I have created the Commission Hero Reviews in which detailed in-depth features, include courtesy, support, pricing, and Pros, Cons, and more.

If I asked you how you felt about working for at least an hour and earning thousands of dollars a day, which would really jump out of your chair from the luxury of your own home.

Isn’t it effective to make thousands of dollars a day at home in such a world? No more worrying about bills, budgets, or financial worries.

The knowledge itself is that you have a huge amount of money in your bank account and you don’t have to think twice about doing something when you want it.

Commission Hero Reviews – An Overview (What is it?)

Commission Hero is a digital course with informative video to become a profitable affiliate sales agent, Commission Hero is a training program on ClickBank which is run by its number one affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard. Many such enticing but seemingly impossible ads may enter your social media sites or emails that guarantee a $ 1000, $ 5000, or more fixed income per day.

At first glance, they may seem like a rule to you, just another marketing strategy. But the Commission Hero reviews will trust you otherwise.

It can be verified that this is the story of the victory of Robby Blanchard who is now earning a ton of money every month and is the most notable affiliated marketer. With all the information and estimates that go into his work, he gives you detailed, step-by-step information. His demands are simple: at least $ 1,000 a day and no prior experience.

His 3-step system is a complete guide to success in affiliate marketing. All you just have to find the right kind of offer that is sure to make good money and at least 50% commission.

Learn everything about how to advertise on Facebook, how to write copies, create efficient landing pages, and earn the most revenue with each sale. The core of this system is to control Facebook paid ads and use them for your convenience.

With a Facebook group of about 1,500 members, including Robbie, many successful affiliate marketers are always on your back. The support of the Commission Hero is essential.

Experts sometimes provide all your questions to Robbie who is available and usually returns within an hour. Any questions about the course or starting your own business will be answered by this complimentary support system through partner courses.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

CommissionHero 33

Robbie is a retired fitness expert who grew up in a small town in the United States. In 2015 he started selling digital products and later stepped into the field of affiliate marketing. This is a huge success for Robbie’s life where he has received various awards and earned a reputation in the affiliated marketing industry.

For example, in 2019, Robbie was named # 1 ClickBank Affiliate. He is considered one of the most influential people in the world in terms of his significant contribution and success in affiliate marketing.
Robbie has admitted to earning up to $ 50,000 a day most of the day, which has encouraged people.

With such a successful history, the Commission Hero Affiliate Program can be your key to affiliate marketing success.

Like other gurus, Robbie uses a different teaching method to provide a point. He will focus more on the mistakes he has made in the past and provides a lucrative solution to guide the students in the right direction.

A small mistake in affiliate marketing can cost you a lot; Therefore, getting the guidance of an expert is the best way forward.

Robbie explains the mistakes that the contractors make and the various ways to avoid them. All of these aspects will help affiliate marketers avoid all the obstacles they find on the track.

Commission Hero Reviews: How It Works?

Commission Hero Reviews
Commission Hero Reviews

Commission Hero takes works in a simple step by step. When you sign up today, you will have full access to the training program which shows you the blueprint that Robbie uses to become the # 1 ClickBank Affiliate Marketer in the world.

It’s different from other affiliate marketing training that differentiates the commission hero, it’s very easy to implement, although you have no previous experience in affiliate marketing. It eliminates all the complications and problems faced by many collaborators.

With the Commission Hero, there:

  • No email list
  • There is no store
  • There is no website
  • No own product
  • No need to talk with customers

The Commission Hero works in 3 simple step systems

Capture 1

Step 1:

Find high-conversion offers at ClickBank that offer great commission.

Step 2:

In the first stage, run an ad with your Facebook account for the offer you selected. Most ClickBanks pay between 50% and 75% of the commission.

Step 3:

Use Robby Done-For-You high converting and tested funnel to get fast results. Training focuses on getting visitor data. This will help you promote more than one product to the same customer and increase your conversions.

The amazing thing about the training is that Robbie shares the top-secret strategy of making his sales funnel page in the form of a quiz, which brings visitors to the offer.

Robbie also provides you with a DFY funnel that you can use without any coding experience.

The outline of the course begins with the section where the Robbie Commission Hero explained the first thing to do as a student. He also outlined some basic and advanced strategies that are included in the training.

Getting Started

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Advertising Account
  • Click Funnel Overview
  • ClickBank
  • Software Project

Choosing The Right Offer

  • Choose Offers
  • ClickBank Offers
  • Software Projects
  • Finding The Right offers
  • Flat Belly Fix Spotlight offer

Finding Your Ads

  • Advertising images
  • What should an image contain
  • Finding the right designers

Landing Page Set-Up

  • Landing Page Set Up
  • Setting up Clickfunnels
  • Clickfunnels Domain Set Up
  • Affiliate Link Set-Up

Setting Up Facebook

  • Creating a Business Manager
  • Facebook Campaign Set Up
  • Set up Your Ads
  • Creating a custom audience
  • Live Campaign Set Up
  • Inside Look At Successful Campaign

Facebook Pixel Set Up

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Set the pixel
  • Tracking your campaign

Ninja Tactic

  • Reaching out to other partners
  • Deal with Facebook account shut down
  • Snapchat ad campaign
  • Spy on Facebook Ads
  • And more…
Robby Blanchard

Can You Make Money With The Commission Hero?

The answer is definitely “yes” and I have seen many testimonials that prove it to be true. Now stop there for a moment before thinking “it’s amazing, it’s going to be so easy”.

It’s not a plug-and-play Rich scheme …

There will be a learning curve and it will take time to go.

You won’t make money from day one and be prepared to lose something before everything is optimized for the offer you decide to go.

Yes, Commission Hero is a legal course. This bothers me a bit though the cost is more than a thousand bucks (if you add the cost of the ad). But we will get to that soon.

He also has a number of testimonials on the site, which seem legitimate.

One thing needs to be clear though. These estimates show revenue This is not real net income.

In addition, it is difficult for these people to estimate the cost of advertising. My guess is that at least half of the images you see on this screenshot are for ads

But still, you don’t pay $ 1,000 for an ad and don’t get $ 2,000 in return?

It will be a good return on investment.

Commission Hero Reviews – For whom is it?

The Commission Hero has some experience for Entrepreneurs, who want to measure their business, or for those interested in online marketing but don’t know how to run ads.

According to the free webinar, it is also for aspiring marketers:

  • Don’t have an email list
  • They do not have their own product
  • They don’t have a website

In my opinion, you need a website, and 90% of successful internet marketers say so. (I’ve also heard that Frank Kern said that a website is your first thing. Whether you like it or not, a website is your business headquarters; especially if you plan to create a sustainable business online).

The point is, with the Commission Hero (CH) you are being taught how to do it without a website. As Robbie said, all you need is a Facebook and ClickBank account.

So maybe this commission hero reviews works for anyone, are you tired of working 9-5, or do you already have an online business?

For people who want independence and want to work from anywhere and anytime, this course can be the right product.

I like that Robbie also pointed out some of the obstacles and said that it’s not really for everyone.

And he also made it clear that it is not for the people:

  • Want to get rich soon
  • Don’t want to work hard or put in the effort
  • Leave it at the slightest sign of resistance

Fair Enough

Everyone who wants to build a sustainable business needs to realize that “get rich quick” doesn’t just work.

Let’s check what you get once you purchase the course.

Commission Hero Reviews – What Is Really Included In The Course?

Getting Started

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Facebook Advertising Account
  • Clickfunnels and Landing Pages
  • ClickBank
  • MaxWeb

Choosing The Right Offer

  • Offers selection criteria on ClickBank
  • Offers selection criteria on MaxWeb
  • Offers selection criteria on A4D
  • Offer Spotlight: EZ Battery
  • Offer Spotlight: Flat Belly Fix
  • Offer Spotlight: Ted’s Woodworking

Finding Your Ad Image

  • What an Image Should Contain
  • Finding the right designer

A Landing Page Set-Up

  • Register for ClickFunnels
  • Set up your affiliate link
  • Set up your domain
  • Set up your PHP landing page

Facebook Set Up

  • Set up a business manager
  • Start your first campaign
  • Set up your fan page
  • Set up Facebook campaigns and ads sets
  • Set up your ad
  • Creating a custom audience
  • Bonuses – Look inside a successful campaign

Facebook Pixel Set-Up

  • How to install FB pixels?
  • How to put your pixel in your ClickBank account?
  • Understanding Pixel Analytics

Tracking your campaign

  • Spreadsheet Tracking
  • How to set up tracking links


  • Measure your campaigns

Ninja Tactics

  • Reaching out to Affiliates for the Commission bombs
  • Credit Card
  • Spy on Facebook ads
  • Deal with Account Shot Down


  • Million Dollar Landing Pages Swipes – Clickfunnels.
  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes – PHP
  • Million-dollar ad copy and ad images
  • Mindset
  • Images
  • CPA
  • Contacts

Spotlight Offer

Email Marketing

  • Aweber set up
  • Integrating Aweber and Clickfunnels
  • Set up your first campaign
  • Expert interview with Luke DiMarco

You can get only access private Facebook groups after you buy the program..


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Commission Hero Reviews – Price

You can fully access the Commission Hero for one payment of $ 997 or two payments of $ 597 (bill every 30 days).

Note that you will spend $ 197 more on the same thing with the 2-payment option.

So if you want to sign up, paying once is the best way.

Now, as is commonly seen on all online marketing-based websites, the Commission Hero makes some surprising claims. It claims to be eye-opening that you will benefit from the amount you pay, which is about twenty-five times the value!

This statement suggests that the hero of the Commission may be valuable, even though it is more expensive than its competitors. Here you need to know the hidden costs, which are hidden behind the wonderful guarantee of earning thousands of rupees every day.

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

When we look at the COMMISSION HERO VS SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM and try to find out which is better.

I must say that both affiliate marketing has good courses and each has its own area of focus. Let’s see some differences;

  • While the Commission has special training in the Hero Hero Facebook business, the Super Affiliate system focuses on the entire paid business advertising method. These include; Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, native ads, and much more.
  • When we compare the Facebook training of both courses, I must say that the Commission Hero offers a lot more than the Super Affiliate system.
  • When we compare owners, Robby Blanchard has more knowledge and experience marketers than John Crestani.
  • When we compare it to the Super Affiliate System, the Commission Hero has a more advanced strategy.
  • Commission Hero has more success stories than super affiliate systems

So, after reading my COMMISSION HERO VS SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM review above, you can easily say that Commission Hero is a much better program than the Super Affiliate System.

However, if you want to run your ads on platforms other than Facebook, you only have the option of a super affiliate system because the Commission Hero is an expert on Facebook ads.

Commission Hero Reviews – Return Policy

I don’t think you may need a refund after joining it. The course is full of value, support, and success stories. Even if you like to buy this course and don’t like it in any way (it is common for 2% to 4% of people) you can apply for a refund.

But make sure that this refund request is received within 14 days of purchase and that you have not yet entered any training.

Commission Hero Reviews – PROS & CONS


  • An amazing, credible mentor
  • A fat portfolio of testimonials
  • You are given complete freedom to choose the field that you want to advertise.
  • No pretentious or showy content
  • Legit business model
  • Robby is the real deal
  • Inner Circle Support
  • Possible to make money fast
  • Great Video Courses


  • Its Expensive for newbies
  • Lot of patience needed in order to see great results

Commission Hero Reviews

  • Commission Hero Reviews

Commission Hero Reviews – Conclusion

Walking in our pajamas, eating good food, and earning money by just clicking one button is a vision of the future that most of us want to be. For newcomers, the Commission Hero reviews describe the important policies and values ​​of online money making. This is a guide for people who are lost in a wide range, but if they have money
Budget is an important aspect that you should consider at the outset yourself, considering the extra costs that you have to spend. Commission Hero is truly a reliable source, which provides a lot of knowledge to the experienced and experienced So, are you ready to make some money and become a rich coach?
So I’m telling you to get up, stop being lazy, and go straight to work Stop wasting time now!