ClickBank University Review

In this Clickbank University review, I will show you why I think that CBU is a great educational teaching program for people looking to create digital products to sell on the Clickbank platform. While it is a great program I do not think it is the best for affiliate marketing teaching.

Clickbank University Review: Read on to learn why.

ClickBank University is an online education institution that specializes in online businesses. It works by teaching people to develop successful online businesses and making money through them. It is centered around learning to create your own digital products or promoting other people’s CB products for a high profit.

CBU was formed early in 2014 by two men, Justin Altan and Adam Horowitz. Both have been widely successful as online marketers. Adam Horowitz has a few of his own successful digital products. The basis behind the program is to provide people with the knowledge that will assist them in the creation and sale of digital products.

Clickbank University Review

What is the best thing about Click Bank University?

Click Bank University is running an honest and educational program that is here to provide you with the right guidance, through which you can succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Click Bank University has accumulated information and optimization of the year and condensed it into two courses that will help you get started on the right track. Weekly webinars and support levels in the community are extremely beneficial.

The videos of the managed webinars are 3 to 5 minutes long, and they are straightforward about what method they should use, and besides, these videos are able to keep your attention.

These videos are packed with tons of great information about affiliate marketing and building your own digital products. The following points will help you find out what types of topics are commonly discussed on the Web Point and what are the commonly asked questions:

  • How to recognize your interest
  • How to create landing pages
  • What is email marketing?
  • Packaging your products
  • Sales pages
  • Develop a funnel strategy
  • How to handle traffic
  • What are the traffic sources?

If this ClickBank University review is not yet convincing enough, you have the option of taking a test drive. Individuals can subscribe for a week’s trial at a minimum cost of 1$. Within this one week, you will have the opportunity to experience how the online ClickBank University works. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Maximum benefits can only be experienced ones you become a full member. Under the trial option, you cannot maximize the videos offered for training. This is because most of the videos are locked. Only a fully subscribed member can access them.

In order for an individual to be a fully subscribed member, he or she must be ready and willing to part with up to $797. This gives you unlimited video access. If you are looking to earn money through the internet and you have a passion for marketing, then ClickBank University is meant for you. There is also a monthly cost of $97.

As a final word, ClickBank University is the place to visit if want to create your own digital products for the CB marketplace. ClickBank University is an institution that benefits both new affiliate marketers as well as new product creators. The training offered is intended to teach you to make extra cash through online marketing of online digital products. The university is however faced with one major shortcoming, its lack of SEO training is a major throwback. All in all, though a bit on the expensive side, the knowledge offered is good.

I hope that this Clickbank University review will help you to decide if you are ready to take the next step into marketing. Whether creating your own digital product for others to promote or for affiliate marketing CBU can help put you in the right direction. I do however think that for affiliate marketing this is a better option.

Clickbank University: Is it a Scam?

History of Clickbank

For about 16 years, ClickBank has been the largest online marketplace for both digital and physical products. Over 300 million products have been sold in this marketplace. They have paid more than $2.5 billion dollars to vendors and affiliates.

There are other marketplaces where affiliates and vendors can make money as well, but they have always been the favourite of an uncountable number of individuals around the globe, as it provides that best profits for each sale that is made thanks to their promotional work. They are a reputable company, as they are honest and have great customer support.

About Clickbank University

ClickBank University is a video training and software system that has a site-building software that can help you become a successful affiliate marketer or product developer for their platform. This system is designed to help those individuals who want to build an online business that thrives. It is perfect for people who are just starting out in the field. You don’t have to be an expert in order to take advantage of ClickBank University.

No, the experience is not required. All you have to have is a passion for creating your own digital product or affiliate marketing as well as the desire to learn new things. This will help you succeed in a field where an uncountable number of individuals get involved in every year, but only a few of them succeed.

How come? Well, not everyone is lucky enough to find the proper training in online marketing. A lot of people think that by just reading a couple of books about marketing and researching information online, they’ll be well on their way of beginning their journey as an internet marketer, but that is not the case at all. Weekly training that is conducted by experts is the ideal way. CBU has just that.

The training that CBU offers teaches aspiring online marketers how to locate the type of information that their audience is searching for and willing to pay for, how to create products that are profitable, and teaches them how to add their digital products to the ClickBank platform in order for other affiliates to sell it for them.

Yes, both parties, affiliates, and digital product creators can make a stable income, forever with the teachings of CBU.
The creators are Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan. At a very young age, these two individuals became very successful in affiliate marketing. Nobody else can teach people how to make a meaningful amount of money online in marketing, every month, then these two men.

ClickBank University Review 2020 – PROS & CONS


  • Click Bank University offers a 7-day trial.
  • Offers in-depth and step-by-step instructions in every video and lesson on how to become a vendor.
  • You don’t have to pay for anything else, as any integrations are optional. It’s your choice if you opt to purchase other things that are being offered in the system.
  • Live classes regarding Q&A are available.
  • The software provided lets you create products and build sites in an easy and simple way.
  • Top-Notch customer support
  • You can give your two cents under video training.


  • No keyword tool is not provided with the membership-keywords
  • You are limited to the videos you are able to watch every week as they are released weekly. This allows you to TAKE ACTION every week!
  • You’ll only be taught how you can sell ClickBank products, therefore, if you are thinking about using the training that this system provides to become an Amazon affiliate, it wouldn’t be a good idea to partake in.
  • If you have many years of experience in the marketing world, CBU won’t be of great help. ClickBank University is for new and semi-experienced vendors and marketers.

Some frequently asked questions

Is Click Bank University legal?

Click Bank University is legit because they now have thousands of members, and there are many real coaches who provide useful training resources.

These resources are able to help you make money with Click Bank It’s not something where you get rich fast You have to take the time to figure out which methods are more effective and go through the course.

If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to work, and Click Bank University is a great training program that will get you started.

Is it safe to use Click Bank?

Of course, Click Bank is the most reliable and well-known platform for affiliate marketing, and it is very secure, so you don’t have to worry about any uncertainty.

So, the answer to your question is yes, using Click Bank University is completely safe, as millions of people have bought and sold information products through Click Bank.
Can anyone make money at Click Bank?

Yes, click bank allows you to earn money as an affiliate in general. But it’s not uncommon for people at click banks to see The Daily Nick estimate three or four.

Plus, earning a normal sale earns you $ 15- $ 50 on commission, but on average $ 30. The great thing is that many commissions are repeated, so you can make the same amount from one sale per month.

What is Click Bank, and how does it really work?

Click Bank gives you a platform through which you are able to sell various digital products such as computer software and e-books. Click Bank is also a payment processor; It bridges the gap between product owners and partners who make money in both sales.

What topics are usually discussed in web webinars?

There are many people available in each webinar, and there are many questions that can be asked, here are some of the questions that are usually asked:

  • How to recognize your interest
  • How to create landing pages
  • What is email marketing?
  • Packaging your products
  • Sales pages
  • Develop a funnel strategy
  • How to handle traffic
  • What are the traffic sources?

ClickBank University Review 2020 – Conclusion

ClickBank University Review 2020

  • ClickBank University Review 2020


From the above, we can easily conclude that Click Bank University is an excellent training method that will give you the knowledge you need to be a successful affiliate marketer.
Click Bank University provides you with many benefits through which you can easily make money.
Adam and Justin run weekly webinars to clarify many of the trainees ’queries, and these webinars are recorded to serve people who are unable to watch them live.
If you are looking for a more advanced affiliate marketing course that includes a lot of paid traffic, we encourage you to read John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 3.0 review.
Click Bank University offers a number of things through which a person can learn affiliate marketing skills and they are providing the best coaching.
I hope you learned what to expect in this Click Bank University review Remember, if you want to succeed in making money online, you need to learn the basics of trading skills. You have to invest in yourself and believe in your abilities