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Best Video Converter Software:

Friends, I ask a lot of people how do we compress videos? So that our video quality is also not down. Because friends, there is a lot of video converter software, but what happens in them makes the video compress.

But the video quality is down. Then you do not enjoy watching that video at all. Now you have to compress the video, because whether you record in HD or burst it, the size is very big, so you have to convert the video.

A 6 minute video becomes 6GB even then. Today I will tell you that without taking tension of video quality, how can you convert video or convert video to any format? So, to know this, read this article from the beginning to the last.

Because I have explained to you one thing very well here, how you can convert the video in the same way without using quality. So let’s start without heart.

Software Name: Uni converter

Friends, today I will tell you about the software to convert videos, its name is Wonder Share Video Converter. You get a lot of options in this.

How to Convert Video?

Friends, I tell you step by step to convert the video, let’s see: –

Step: 1 To convert the video, first you have to install Wonder Share Video Converter software in your computer or PC.

Step: 2 After installing that software, it has to be opened.

Step: 3 After opening the software, you will get the option of file in the website immense, you have to click on it.

Step: 4 Now whatever video you want to convert, set this video.Step: 5 After deleting the file, you will get the front interface where you can convert or edit your video as you wish.

Ways To Edit Video

You will find 3 ways to edit video in this software. Which is:

  • Crop
  • Tream
  • Effects

Tream:- If you want to cut any text in the video, then click on the tram option. After that you set where you want to cut the video. You will cut which text of the video and after setting click on delete option. So in this way you can make any busy cut.

Crop:- After that you get crop option. If you want to crop any text of the video as you wish, then click on that operation. After clicking, you crop your free video and save it. Along with the crop, an option has also been given to rotate the video.

Effects:- After the top is the option of effects. On this you can make an effect inside the video of your choice. Here you have also been given an option to do color correction of the video.

Moreover, you get to see a lot of printers below, which you can apply in your video if you want. Also if you do not want to apply water, then you also get an option here. You can put your people or any image for the water park. If you want to add your text there, then you can enter your text according to your choice by clicking on the text option. You can also select how transparent you want to keep the text.

After adding water mark, you get all the title with option. Moreover, in the last you also get the option to increase the level of audio.

Let us now talk about the best features of this software: –

  • Friends is a very tremendous converter. You will find a lot of formats here. Such as MP3, mp4, mab etc. You can convert videos on anyone.
  • Even if you have to edit the video for your YouTube video or Facebook video, you get a separate option for it here.
  • After selecting whatever file you want to delete, you can set whatever format you want to convert the video according to yourself. For example, suppose there is an original file of 2gb, and showing here that after converting this file, the size of this file will remain 512mb.
  • And the biggest thing in it is that if you convert the video now, then the quality of your video will not be reduced in the slightest.
  • If you want to march any two videos together, then you have to click on the March option by adding two files here. After that you will have to click on the conduction. In this way you can convert or edit any video very easily.
  • After that you get the option to download. Now if you want to download any video from any URL, you will be able to do it very easily.

Example:- If anyone wants to download YouTube videos now, copy the URL of that YouTube video. After copying the URL you put URL in your video converter software. After inserting, you will get to see a lot of options in which format you want to download that video.

And if you only want to download the audio of that YouTube video, then that option is also given to you here. There is a very simple tax, just select it now and then download or convert the video.

  • Another big thing about this software is that, using this software, you can record the screen of any video playing on your computer. Or if you are on a YouTube, you have to record the skin, then you can use this video converter software. Here you can select the size of video you want to record here too. Now a lot of options are available here for recording videos as well.
  • There is another special thing about this software which is yes. If you want, you can burn any CD or D video by inserting it in your computer.
  • And there is a special thing, if you want to take the video directly from this software, you want to share the video in your mobile or iPhone mobile, then you can take direct from here.
  • In the last, you will find a lot of tools to see what has been done. If there is an erode in any video, you can fix it with the help of a stool. If you want, you can convert any video to vr format. After that you will be able to watch the video very well by putting a vr box box.

Conclusion:- So a complete package of this software that you get for free. You will not have to pay a single penny for this software. If your professional is such where you do a lot of video work, then this software can come very little to you. You can use the free version of Office, if you like this software, you can also use it with a tree.