1K A Day Fast Track

1K A Day Fast Track is a training course that helps beginners earn money online. If you are interested in making money online but you have no information on how to go about it, then this is the training course for you. The program takes 6 weeks, and each covers a module. In addition, the information you have learned from the program is circulated using the website, which is a 2-page page and there is a yes-no question to sell other people’s products. The items you sell come from ClickBank In the process, you will discover how to create your email customers.

Nonetheless, the method used here has proven to work for many affiliated marketers, so, it’s nothing new. Interestingly enough, it was applied by the tutor himself. The result? Yes, he has managed to get 8 figures annually. Therefore, he urges his users to take the right steps in his curriculum, In addition, there are templates, and advertisements have already been provided. This means you don’t have to spend time doing your own Plus, there is some good news in store, you can start with a 1K A Day Fast Track Free Webinar which is highly recommended. In this article, we will review 1K A Day Fast Track. Read on to find out if you can use courses in your affiliate marketing.

1K A Day Fast Track Review Summary

Name:1K A Day Fast Track – The Fast Tracks (Click here to watch the FREE Webinar)
Website:Click Here
Founders:Merlin Holmes
Training:9 of 10
Resources & Tools:9 of 10
Pricing:8.5 of 10
Success Stories – Testimonials:8 of 10
Affiliate Program:9 of 10
Price:$997 One-Time Fee. You need tools that cost up to $120/month and a few hundreds of dollars to start with paid ads. No free trial or membership.
Refund Policy:30-Days (Maybe conditional) money-back guarantee, where you might need to provide many documents!
Recommended?Preferably for advanced marketers who have at least $1,500 to start. Beginners might need a bigger budget.

Summary: 1K Day Fast Track is a great program that teaches you a unique way to earn money with affiliate marketing, but there is something to learn about the return policy. The teaching system at thefasttracks.com is effective, however, the program is a little expensive, and paid advertisements to require a lot of testing and extra budget in addition to the cost of the fast track course.

There is something unique and new about the way the fast track system teaches affiliate marketing, and there is a free webinar that teaches you how the whole process works, which I encourage you to watch even if you don’t want to buy the course. Sign up here!

1K A Day Fast Track: Creator

1K A Day Fast Track owns a million businesses called Merlin Holmes. He is also a teacher of the course Merlin is from Colorado, has a website, and has generated millions of revenue. He entered the online business world in 2005. In addition, Merlin stressed that the training he provides in online marketing is not his main job or the reason for his huge profits.

All of this is mainly responsible for his business online. So, you can see that the creator is very successful because of his online business. It could be you. All you need to do is follow the exact steps in his course.

How Does 1K A Day Fast Track Work?

As mentioned earlier, 1K A Day Fast Track relies on affiliate marketing to make money online.
And Affiliate Marketing is a great model that allows you to promote the products of others through a unique link (affiliate link), and you can get a commission on each link that you have brought through your link.

This is my favorite way to make money online, and there are many ways to do it, such as: building a website and promoting affiliate products and creating content to share your affiliate links, and many ways do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing on websites, or using social media marketing platforms and ads, searching for ads on Google, and more.

However, the method that is taught by Merlin Holmes is as follows:

Step 1 – Find top affiliate offers on the Affiliate Network and use their sales pages to create your ad copy.

To do this, you can go to an online marketplace like ClickBank and find out which offers are getting the most out of sales, i.e. their sales pages work very well.

And from their effective sales pages, you create your own banner ad. You can take some photos or scripts.

Step 2 – Create a compulsory poll that will make people do a small job like clicking on an option.

This step depends on your strategy, interactive marketing, and micro-commitment, which means you need to do it. Potential customers contact the ads you create even though that means clicking on a simple button that won’t pay them in the first place. This will make them feel more comfortable with your offer and can help them buy what you will be promoting in the future.

For this step, you have to create a landing page using a paid tool like Click Funnels to create a poll/question and add options for them.

And when people click on a button to find the answer, they will get a pop-up where they are asked to enter their email address so that you can create an email list of people in the offer space/market of the offer you are promoting.

Step 3 – They enter their email address and are redirected to the offer you are promoting.

Once someone enters their email address, you now have an email that you can create using an email autoresponder like GetResponse, and the potential customer automatically redirects to the sales page of the offer you are promoting them.

Step 4 – If they buy a product, you make money right away, and you can promote to other products by email.

Once they are redirected to the offer page, they can purchase the product you promoted and you will make a commission, and might not buy it and you would make nothing.

However, in any case, you have already collected their email addresses and in the same industry you can promote them to other products that they may need, and you will make money in the long run.

And that’s exactly how the 1K day fast track system works

It works on paid display ads, interactive landing pages, and automated use of email to create an email list and promote affiliate offers.

1K A Day Fast Track: Benefits

1K A Day Fast Track Review

With this course, you are promised the following benefits;

  1. Earning a lot of money with just working a few hours a week.
  2. Merlin promises to help you find out how to earn thousands of dollars a day in the commission.
  3. You can use this program to earn some extra money if you keep your full-time job.
  4. You were reminded by the Creator to be in your original purpose; Make money. It can keep you in mind and try to achieve the promised results
  5. You can spend fewer hours making money using this course.
  6. You will discover tricks, techniques, and tactics about making money online that you may not already know.
  7. Learn about the right products to sell to get the income you want, In addition, you will be taught about who is popular and why they sell.
  8. This course will help you discover headlines that will attract the attention of potential customers.
  9. The money you make from what you have discovered in this course will help you meet your needs and even go to places that you have only dreamed of.

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Who To Use It?

Have you ever wanted to make money online but didn’t know where or how to start? 1K A Day Fast Track is here for you. This is a training course with templates and advertisements that can help you in affiliate marketing. Also, if you don’t want to produce your product but still make money, it’s for you. Also, are you tired of the process and time involved with clients? It could be your success Remember, although you have no experience or skills; All newcomers, this is a friendly course, it will help you. Also, if you only want a source of side income, you can use the course.

Warning: 1K day fast track money-back guarantee and refund policy

This is something that you should be aware of because other reviews tell you that you can only ask for a refund for the fast track system and you will get it, and Merlin Homes said in the webinar, but there is something unclear to me. No one talks.

There is a possibility that a 1K day fast track money-back guarantee is conditional!

In their refund policy, they make it clear that you need to go through a full 1K A day fast track training, apply everything learned, and no commission should be charged before you request a refund, and within the first 30 days of joining the Program.

And moreover, you have to provide evidence and documents that you have done!

1K A Day Fast Track Review

1K A Day Fast Track: Pros & Cons


  • The program is newbie-friendly.
  • It is beneficial.
  • Saves time. You only earn in a few hours.
  • Free webinars allow you to decide whether to buy the course or not.
  • There is an autoresponder and sales funnel template that makes it easy for users to work.
  • A good course for beginners to learn affiliate Marketing quickly.
  • There are bonuses.
  • It is safe and risk-free.
  • The course provides an effective way to earn.
  • The number of weeks set for training helps newcomers with the necessary information.
  • It provides the necessary information on how one can make money online using email marketing.
  • The method used is a simple way.


  • For some, the cost of the course may be high. Not every student can afford it.
  • There is no room for you to personalize and customize the course. The Creator tells us to follow the right steps. He has taken.
  • Others may consider the identity webinar to be too long. However, the information in it is important.
  • The creator is not responsible if you do not get the promised result because you are not following the steps.
  • There is no room for trying things on your own. Templates are already available. It can take you away from creativity.
  • Systems with services may not be suitable for you in the long run. Finally, if you are interested in business, you need to know a thing or two, don’t make everything for you.
  • One must also budget for running the ads.
  • The results of the creator are not normal, therefore, newcomers should not expect the same.

1K A Day Fast Track: Conclusion

If you are interested in online business, especially email marketing, you can try this program 1K A Day Fast Track. Also, even if you have the same skills and lack knowledge, don’t worry, the program promises to be newbie-friendly. However, you should not join to earning as high as the creator as soon as you start. Remember, he already had an online presence.