Introduction with 12 Minute Affiliate System

It is a system of online affiliate marketing that can help you in starting your affiliate marketing business and earning a commission in just 12 Minute Affiliate System. This 12 Minute Affiliate System will provide you tools to market different types of products with no hard work.

For instance, this program will provide you with already designed pages along with opt-in forms so that you can attract leads without creating your own lists by creating an opt-in page. All you have to do while working with this 12 Minute Affiliate System is to attract traffic to the page to attract leads and sign up the visitors. [12 Minute Affiliate System]

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Creator of 12 Minute Affiliate System

Devon Brown, a successful online marketer, has created and owned 12 Minute Affiliate System. According to him, this program allows you to earn your affiliate commission every day.

Introduction with 12 Minute Affiliate System

Reasons to use 12 minutes affiliate system

You should use 12 minutes affiliate system to make money online because:

  • It is easy to follow by beginners.
  • You can make money on a daily basis.
  • You can earn income through multiple sources.
  • It is easy to start.
  • You can work from wherever you want.
  • As a side business, it is a perfect option.
  • The repetition of email is Done-For-You.
  • You can start making money without creating a website or any product.

Some facts about the 12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate System seems to be very easy to follow but actually, it is not as there are many misleading things about this product. Getting the right amount of traffic may not be easy for a new affiliate marketer. Though you can get traffic by buying the traffic for that, you must be able to afford its cost. This program will allow you to get traffic for free.

Working of 12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate System offers a stepwise method of working to allow you to earn a commission by selling the products of other people. This affiliate marketing program is based on 3 steps:

STEP 1: Personalization of the system

It allows you to promote products of other people after including your affiliate link on them and preparing other features of the sales funnel including an auto-transponder on your email inbox.

STEP 2: Include Traffic through “Done-For-You”

It will allow you to purchase it to deliver traffic to the products offered by you. You must have enough budget to get high amounts of traffic. However, you may not get expected results by using this step as the traffic you will get will not be focused to buy that product.

STEP 3: Go on earning affiliate commissions

You will receive your commissions in your account set up with your affiliate links as and when a sale is made through your affiliate links.

Things you get with 12 Minute Affiliate System12 Minute Affiliate System

You can find the following things on the platform of 12 Minute Affiliate System

  • Sales funnels: “Done For You”
  • Emails auto-transponder: “Done For You”
  • To customize your sales funnels: “EZ Funnel Wizard”
  • Access to the Facebook group to interact with other members
  • Get traffic: “Done For You”

This affiliate program includes membership plans of 2 types from which you can choose while signing up with it. The first type of membership is for those who want to sell the products of one website. The second type of membership is for those who can manage up to 3 types of sites at a time. There are different features for the memberships of different levels.

Pros & Cons of 12 Minute Affiliate System

There are a few Pros & Cons to 12 Minute Affiliate even if it allows you to make money online by following a legal process offered by a legitimate platform. These Pros & Cons may include:


  • Effective working method: This affiliate program can help you in making online money in a profitable manner if followed as directed.
  • Accessibility to Facebook group: It will allow you to contact other dedicated members in the Facebook group of this affiliate program and share experiences with one another.
  • Money-back guarantee: 12 Minute Affiliate System offers a money-back guarantee for 60 days.
  • Low cost to enter this course: The cost of joining this program is as low as $10. But afterward, you should be ready to pay monthly fees and certain other additional costs.
  • Easy access to the main training program: Once you open your account you can access the main training program and implement it without buying the upsells.


  • Everything is ready-made: In order to make it easy for the new affiliate to make money, they have used the system of “Done-For-You” instead of improving their skills to make money themselves.
  • Additional costs: Even after spending an entry fee of $9.95 you will have to buy upsells as well as bear the cost of having the service of an auto-responder and buying traffic for your sales funnel.
  • High membership cost: You will have to pay up to $933 if you buy a membership for a lifetime including upsells which is not inexpensive for everyone.

Final verdict

After going through the review of the 12 Minute Affiliate System, it can be concluded easily that you can start earning profits in the form of commission in just 12 minutes if you follow the instructions strictly and have the budget to buy the paid traffic for your affiliate link. Initially, you may have to face difficulties in attracting traffic but later on, it will be easy for you by using the tools provided by this program. The main aim of this program is to make you a successful affiliate easily by providing you effectively working tools.

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